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Solar Air Conditioning

Most home and business owners agree, summertime is when they see high electric bills. At SolarTECH we can convert your existing AC system (or install a new one) to solar. FREE AIR CONDITIONING is now a reality, yes you can afford to stay cool.

Solar Ventilation System and Air Conditioning

Heating & Cooling

Trane's heating and cooling products are built to withstand years of use and exceed expectations. Be confident with a home heating and cooling system that is designed to last.

Heat Pumps

Choose a reliable, efficient residential heat pump from Trane. Our heat pump systems heat and cool your home to perfection.

Air Handlers

From small spaces to large rooms, Trane's air handlers carry freshly conditioned air to every corner in your house. Call us for an analysis to see if an air handler may be more appropriate.

Gas Furnaces

The majority of modern homeowners trust their heating to be reliable and efficient gas furnaces. This allows them to receive comfort when needed.

Air Conditioners

Expel heat from your home with a Trane air conditioner. Each AC unit is backed by a Trane warranty.

Air Handler, Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner

Save Money By Going Solar

Thousands of American's have taken advantage of government subsidies to eliminate all or even just part of their air-conditioning bill. And so should you. Our analysis is free. Call now for a free consultation